Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A refreshing new voice

The following is the first post from a new www.sailinganarchy.com member who goes by the logon Luna. Her post seems to sum up what many people are feeling:

Well I've been following Reid and Soanya for a while and quite honestly he scares the crap out of me. I lived full time on a cruising boat in the Caribbean for 5 years and cannot imagine going anywhere offshore without spares. But aside from that, Reid just lies and lies. He says recently that the engine was professionally rebuilt but if you look on their website under Gallery, you'll see him and Soanya working on it. But my big question is this - what difference will it make if your engine runs or not if your prop and shaft are so fouled? If his hull is covered with barnacles and crap, his prop is a disaster for sure.

Another thing too -- another Reid lie. In late April he says he and Soanya slept through the night as he couldn't see any boats around. Now this was while he was still near shipping lanes. So duh! what kind of a surprise is it he came close to a ship on May 6th and he didn't know it was there. I don't buy the "ship hit me" story either -- the people at SA make way more sense that Reid does. And he shows a CARD on his website as part of their equipment for the trip.

He is definitely ill - physically and mentally and there is no way they will survive a storm. One man cannot manage those sails and Soanya will freak when they start trying to hand steer that fouled boat in 20 ft seas and 40 knot winds. Their diet does not afford them the strength to handle anything more than what they're in now. This story has gone from silly to scary. And now Reid's praying for a diesel mechanic. Well all the lah lah ooh and aah folks who think the photos are cute and they're so brave on the heavily sensored blog don't know anything about sailing or boats. Only the SA crowd do and he doesn't want to hear the truth!

Whew! I feel so much better now getting that out of my system!

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