Friday, October 19, 2007


No outside assistance? Seems like they have more contact with dry land than most.
Reid actually thanks all the outside support he has gotten in regards to small problems along the way. I believe that is outside assistance. And today I was coasting through the gallery section of and ran across one pic that made me scratch my head. That would be pic #43 in Captain and friends. Am I the only one seeing a problem here?


bored2 said...

I don't get it, unless I'm in the wrong 'album'. Family & Freinds album has 6 sub-albums. The only sub-album that has at least 43 pictures is the 'friends' album. Looking at the second-to-last picutre (#43), it is of Reid and a friend. Reid is looking at a blow-up globe and his friend is enjoying his sprout salad. I don't see wht the problem is. Is it because you think this was taken after they left? Why do you think that? Or am I totally clueless and missed something else?

bored2 said...

Sorry, I meant Captain & Friends album not family & Friends album...

aboatface said...

They are talking about where they are going to meet. The sprouts and geographically correct map he is using is great too.

Regatta Dog said...

The caption above the picture reads:

"Where Will We Rendevous"

Spelled rendezvous wrong, so I guess they could win this argument on a technicality.

Anonymous said...

Did ya notice that the CARD system is beside Reid? You know the Collision Avoidance Radar Detector that he had donated so as to avoid collisions. Ha ha - another reason why the collision is bogus.

You should start a poll based on this picture. What does Reid want X to bring to the Rendezvous? More Cheese? Bondo? New Girlfriend? ..... and so on.


EVK4 said...

broken rules or not, I wish I could get that much crew on any given weekend. you could add up every person I've ever convinced to go sailing and it isn't as many as he seems to have sailing on any given trip. Maybe i need to organize a drum circle or something.

Anonymous said...

Why do you hate this guy? This pic "proves" nothing, and to stretch the title as you have shows who is obsessed and crazy...and it is not Reid.

Are you sure he wasn't just doing what you have accused of not doing...planning what they would do if they had a problem? Come on, relax.

Sailflat said...

Perhaps you may not have noticed but this isn't the work of one person... Rather, the work of dozens of people. I don't think that any one of us would have the time to do this alone.

I really don't think that most of us "hate" Reid. We just think he is a joke and what he is doing is reprehensible. He is a pathological lier who has misrepresented himself time and again.

The picture, taken from Reids own web site, was posted and titled by a someone who was there. I don't think that we have any choice but to take their word for it... Do you?

Rich said...

First off, in general, people who are hated will end up being ignored. Just check out Capn' Lith's progress over on SA. People with major mental problems get warnings and advise from those who know better.....
Second, how exactly does one "plan" where to rendezvous after having had a problem at sea? You don't choose a spot to meet, sail to, rendezvous, or park if/when there is an emergency.

Anonymous said...
Why do you hate this guy? This pic "proves" nothing, and to stretch the title as you have shows who is obsessed and crazy...and it is not Reid.

Are you sure he wasn't just doing what you have accused of not doing...planning what they would do if they had a problem? Come on, relax.

mike said...

Ya, i'm always late to the party - my excuse is only hearing about reid from the onpoint webpage when looking for sites to download podcasts. I couldn't save their stream and wasn't interested enough to stop and listen to the story that day, if it hadn't been for the familiar sounding name in the title. A quick check confirmed it was the someone from my 1965 jr high school. I dont remember ever talking to him and its certain he'd never remember me - it was just a curiosity thing to validate/exersize memory (...the chips). That led me to scan the comments and then to google for info about a pot conviction - which led me to this site. Thanks for posting the pdf files - was there any paperwork with reid's signature? (I'll have to recheck for that after posting from this screen) Were they the "lite" version of the maine trial record?

Whats truly fascinating about this subject (making me read more) is Not the confusing negativity - its the sheer volume of it and by intelligent sounding people (or, not the usual nabobs in the political websites of personal destruction).

Should i comment - late? Is this site still active or just taken it's place in the cyber-pacific garbage loop current, where abandoned conversations dock?

The pic: I think you'll have to show some more logic crunching on the possibilities there - or at least include an answer the next time someone asks the obvious - to confirm what it looks like you're trying to say here. With what little info there is to go on, i'd have to guess you either thought what the other person said - the pic was taken after they started -- Or most likely, they were planning a mid-voyage.. ron-day-voo... and that was supposed to be a stowed secret plan, but their intent was accidentally transmitted by the sweet, innocent co-capt'n??

Since there are other pics with the same friend, this would have to be raising suspicion that the undocumented would be sometime during the voyage - maybe to resupply with sprout flavored ding dongs, ...cans of tuna even, (or whatever?) Yes?

But to your question: I'd bet you wouldn't be the only one to have suspicions And even make conclusions on it too. Worse things have been believed to support what people want to be the truth, and where facts would only serve to ruin a good narrative.

For sure, it would only be a very small percentage that would believe the disregard of fact to make a leading statement - and leaving that on the site - colored the rest of the material as the same. Just one flaky example on a list automatically raises suspicion on the veracity of the rest of the writer's material. For starters, one might suspect that one or more of those contributing names belong to one person.

Well, theres my contribution to the garbage loop current doldrums, if this site is abandoned for lack of interest as it appears. Its ok to send a reply to mentalw at the gmail.

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