Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A summary of events so far

From a sailing anarchy member...

Thank God I did not start reading this now! There are a lot of pages and topics and you really should read the 1000 days at sea and the 1000 days of hell in their entirety. You have to read from the beginning to truly understand the insanity of everything. You can skim over it and get the general idea, but you really cannot understand how crazy this is. Most of it is just plain entertaining on the scary side. A few weeks ago someone else asked for a summary. I suppose it is something others will ask for too, so try this...

crazy guy cons people for over 10 years to give him money and crap to sail to Mars
crazy guy cons girl to be his sex slave for a 1000 days
couple leave and try to get blown up by Navy
unable to get the Navy to kill them, they attempt to smash into container ship
unable to hit it, but due to the weak vessel, they wreck the bow sprit and blame those of us who did not give them money
duct tape and drywall screws now hold the ship together
in order to keep from dehydrating due to runny shits from the all sprout and veggie diet, the couple consumes enormous quantities of cheese (also donated)
they eat partially digested fish found inside another fish
they drift
they drift
they drift
the boat leaks
the diesel tank leaks
the toilet leaks
Reid leaks on the yoga table
there are thousands of pounds of coal reacting with the water trying to self ignite
they show us a picture of their life raft
they stop at an Island and accidentally send us a photograph of it
Reid gets stuck in the rigging and has to have sex slave bring him down
the couple get scurvy
Reid finally cleans the bottom with the sails up and boat moving
the propane bomb is exposed and then covered back up with bedding and drywall screws
the rest of the bedding is wrapped around the entire boat like an wacko house to keep Sonya from getting hurt when she tries to break out
the sails rip because no one donated sail covers
Reid has to quickly super glue them back together to make it to his drug drop
And finally, everyone here plays a little game by posting comments on Reid's blog.


aboatface said...

You forgot "They pray to the sea."

MorningOatsTest said...

Hey, where's the pic of them stopping at an island!

I wanna see it. Posttttt it!

that is hilarious

JP said...

That summary is by SeaMadness. See if you can get his "interpretations" of the daily blog titles too... My favorite was:
Salty Spray and Another Day = Soanya realizing why she's there.

mike said...

Is that a "supporting view" copied in here to buttress the narrative?

If you were this writer, at what point would you feel it necessary or useful to suggest we read these sites in their entirety to better be able to 'understand' what he does? It sounds like he has doubts that reading only half the volume, or just a sampling, wont lead us to the same conclusion as his. Some things can be picked up in fewer samplings - insanity as well as obsessive-compulsive behavior.

I'm curious - is there any chance that stowe's daily blog transmissions might have driven some people crazy? Thats possible if there were strong feelings that he didn't deserve the perceived attention. (Rest easy and know that the only people who probably knew there was a reid blog were you guys.)

I saw a note about friends of reid 'finding this site' but it looks like the evidence of that has been scrubbed off - so we cant know if they were friends or just people pointing out flaws in arguments that wouldn't have been seen otherwise, by the groupthink. I'm honestly neutral and just trying to be objective to what i'm reading. Your position would be stronger to address points that are a little more challenging than the routine back slapping - and leave the comments for others to consider.

This was from someone called seamaddness? Did the name characterize the person? I hope someone unplugged his puter before he learned stowe received more attention when he docked this month. Seriously.

Does stowe ever acknowledge this stuff?

mike said...

I forgot this was probably only a live zone in 2007. The google hits keep linking me back here.....

Did reid's 1000 days blogging make some people feel like they were in hell? ...maybe for another 1000 days after?

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