Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New from NickDG Press - "The Story of Convict Transport Ship Anne"

A riveting, modern day story of survival at sea, and the struggle for survival in Australia.

The story begins in a schooner-analogous Federal Penitentiary in Texas where our protagonist is shunned by his cell mates and is purposefully clumsy with soap in the communal shower.

Suddenly, out of the azure, he feels the Tantric vibes that would change his life forever -- the vibrations of a baby girl being born in Brooklyn. Fourteen years later, that same girl would accompany him on his epic journey where they would endure unimaginable hardships - a collision at sea, the ruthless Capt. Squawk, and over 300 days without the comfort of lotioned man-hands.

700 days prior to their scheduled landing at the penal colony, enter T.C. Nicholas - the violent and stormy antagonist who drives them into the port of his own choosing. Unable to afford a phone call home to ask for financial assistance, our desperate pair of lovers are forced into the completely alien world of work. While our hero intimately tends sheep in the Australian Brokeback, it is our heroine who tirelessly pours the countless slushies at the Minimart that might ultimately earn their freedom.

A tale of deception, feigned struggle, napping, and suffering through the humiliation of having to don Fall pant suits suitable for urban, white collar work in a rural, Summer setting.

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