Wednesday, February 6, 2008

OOOPS! Our Bad! About the sprit shit....

After countless posts on Sailing Anarchy and a few posts here, we are humbled by the information appearing on from the US Coast Guard regarding a collision at sea. The report from the USCG confirms that on May 5th, the schooner Anne hit a Maersk freighter. The bowsprit of the Anne was indeed damaged by a ship that the Anne hit.

We here at 1000 Days of Hell bow our collective heads in shame, which is made difficult by the wagging tail between our legs as we whimper in anticipation of our efforts with the Freedom of Information Acts in NY and on a federal level regarding Anne's discharge of raw sewage, Reid's collision with the law and his problems keeping up with his familial obligations financially.

Congrats to Reid, his sponsors and his shore team for debunking what has become the urban legend of the high seas.

It is hoped, based on the USCG report, that 1000 Days at Sea will "step up" as we have and tell the story as it has been reported by the USCG. The Anne was not hit by a ship. The Anne hit a ship....a very large ship....while someone was on watch.....on a rather large body of water..... We invite you to watch Reid's pre-cruise chat regarding the dangers of hitting big ships at sea.

We're going to leave the blog entries regarding the collision in tact for the record, so that Reid and his shore team can point to us in our tinfoil helmets as naysayers and haters and perhaps garner some additional PayPal income from the controversy. After all, without the generous donations of an adoring public, Reid's back child support would continue to grow and we are a blog site that puts family first.

We hope you enjoy this victory of integrity for Mr. Stowe. Freedom of Information is a double edged sword.

Do stay tuned......


fred said...

This is astounding. A, the, major Reid Stowe "lie" that this website is based on is proven not only true (Reid was right all along) and you reaction is to attack Ried further? Sinply astounding.

You people are truly unbalanced. BTW, where is my apology? I siad the bowsprit and the monument onit could have been damamaged exactly as they were in a collision, you sadi no and called me a Ried worshipper and attacked me personally.

Sailflat said...

Fred... Here you go again with your ludicrous babble... The collision is just one of many problems that Reid has.

What apology? It seems that you have had access to the report for months and never sent in the information as you were repeatedly invited to. The real question is what it really says. There are only 2 pages of a 30 page report on the 1000days of boredom site.

One of the two pages posted says that the cargo ship spotted Reid at quite a distance and tried to evade him.
It seems that Reid maneuvered to hit the cargo ship. Why would a sane person do that??? That is worse than lying about hitting the ship.

Reid just keeps digging himself a deeper hole.

Regatta Dog said...

Hi Fred,

Sorry for any personal attacks you endured as a result of your adoration of a guy that fell asleep at the wheel and ran into a rather large container ship on the open ocean.

I don't think it is fair to suggest that this site is based on that one situation, as we have documented numerous lies. I also think it would be helpful for you personally to read Reid's post on day 286 - "Oceanic Forgiveness".

Thanks for your comments and for adding to the discussion.

Regatta Dog said...
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