Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Day 378 - Message of Hope

Many times during the trip, I have received warm hearted and genuine emails and phone calls from wonderful supporters, and I thought I would just say thankyou to the latest contributor Brian, who gave me some wonderful advice on how to get rid of the marine growth on the bottom of Anne.

I didnt realise that ferralyte was an essentially porous mixture of polyester resin and talcum powder in a ratio of about 1 part resin to 20 parts talcum. Fortunately, talcum powder is porous and according to the desalinator manual, when you have a porous subject, if the pressure on one side is greater than the other side, the water will pass straight through, in a process called osmosis.

So yesterday, when I was cleaning the desalinator and reversing the pressure, I achieved reverse osmosis, and I could not believe the quantity of gunk that came out of the desalinator.

So I did some quick calculations, and I worked out that if I tightened the fastenings on the hatches, and closed the hatches, I could, by opening some of the propane bottles down below, achieve an internal hull pressure of about 30 pounds per square inch, and that would be sufficient to force the gas through the talc (through reverse osmosis), and magically lift off the marine growth on the bottom of the hull, just like the desalinator did.

Of course I would have to modify my snorkel, with a length of hose, so that I could breathe while I was in the cabin, opening propane bottles, but fortunately I have some good tape that should do the job.

Where would I be without such wonderful advice.

The other great advice I got was to put my headsail up in place of my mainsail. It is working a treat, and sets well behind the mast, but unfortunately it is backwards, so I am now finding that Anne wants to sail backwards all the time. Anyway, I am getting used to it.

So thankyou Brian, I am off to try your idea, and who knows, it might even force some of the diesel in the bilge, out of the boat as well. It is so dark down there though, I dont know how I can see what I am doing.. I guess I will think of something..


Thanks Timmys Trick Turkey!

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