Saturday, September 29, 2007

My prediction for the END

The end of this ludicrous voyage is in sight, if not near, and this is how it will come...

Malnutrition or lack of provisions... The clues came in today's log entry: Day 159 Taking a Rest

Today we have not only another skeletal picture of reid, nothing from Soanya, but news of troubles with provisions...

200 pounds of unusable wheat berry seeds! And, he is failing with FISHING! WOW!
Reid has brought along on the voyage 200 pounds of old, donated, dead, seeds that I am certian he was counting on making 1000 pounds of sprouts. Under the best of conditions wheat berry seeds are difficult to sprout, and he didn't try sprouting or research it before he left! The thing to do with wheat berry seeds is to soak them like beans and mash them into a pumice like hummus. I am sure he thought that he had brought along a great source of nutrition but instead but he is left 200 pounds of a nasty paste with the nutritional value of cardboard! Finally I wonder what he left behind to bring 200# of wheat berry seeds(probably about 8 cubic feet of volume) He could have brought a fishing pole, life raft, ditch bag, and another 200 pounds of cheese. (now he is stuck, anchored in a port where he can't afford to buy food, and no sprouts) >)

Fishing... As one looks through the list of fishing supplies that he posted there is one glaring omission... A FISHING POLE! Perhaps he can fashion one from the scraps of his bow sprit or other wreckage from the collision with the container ship. It seems that his boat is moving too slow to trawl and entice the fish. No surprise there! I am certain that he was counting on fish as a major source of protein for the voyage... That would mean that after 159 days they are already behind on the protein curve and things are not looking to improve soon.

Another situation where reids lack of planning, research, and testing before he left; might have adverted culinary disaster, and the early end of his voyage.

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