Sunday, September 30, 2007

Void Ho The Story behind the Phenomenon

"Void Ho" is part of a conceptual Musical called "The Subconscious Sea". I was trying to find a way to help fund the voyage and I used what I knew. The show was conceived and sequenced by me. Musically by Todd Colburn and Lyrically by Reid. I have a copy write notice to prove it. The three of us plus a bass and drum player made up the cast. The show was about myth vs. dreams vs. reality. It used a band, film and live action. This is one of the filmed sequences. I am neither disturbed by your comments nor surprised. The show had a one day preview in November of 2003. My friends came out to support me and to find out what the hell this was about. They liked Todd's music and my vocals but hated Reid and the film sequences. From that day forward they tried to get me off the boat."

Suzanna Bowling


themagicwoodsman said...

ok, so I have been following this unlikely cruise as a sailor and happened upon this blog after seeing the original 1000 days blogspot. AND, I am almost ready to laugh... then I went to SA and suffered thru 14 freakin pages of nonsense that was almost funny, including the "VOIDHO" video this freak is talking about.

what BS is this, now? I mean, cmon, sailorboy and homate are something else entirely, BUT

who the fuck is this shiite ex-gf VOIDHO? and what is she obviously selling? her "ART"? BE FUNNY, yes, support a sail trip that now has been out of harbor in more consecutive days than probably any SA idiot who has the nerve to post, but STARVE THE IDOT "art"-ist chiks that claim "abuse" and have some real doubt for their "truth".

pleeaase, honey, we took the pains to "goggle" your failed life and see your "marketing" techniques... give it up! you are madly in love with the cult leader who expelled you! And this is obviously more "publicity" for your "acting" career... oh VOM-IT!

Does anyone else smell self-marketing "shite" when this VOIDHO starts her "intellectual tawlk"? jeeez... it's one thing to be a sailor nut, and another to sell yourself while "critiqueing"

This "explaination" is MOST pitiful and transparent. Go 'goggle' "identity" and "nyc psychotherapists" and find a new reason to live. Being the "victimized chick" is overdone - and doesn't leave too much room for a REAL identity.

(though it wouldn't matter anyway in the long run: you're mentality doesn't seem to support "analysis"... and the world would be better off obviously if you never publically opened you're foul mouth again)

ROID may be a freak, but you are worse: at least he's really trying to DO something with his life rather than glom-ing off of others and badly playing the "victim" who is trying to "warn". We should have a warning for you.

OH, I FORGOT - THAT WARNING IS "VOID HO!" as in "empty brained b*tch is about to speak".

How much money have you made off of your CD on cdbaby after all of you "preventative wisdom"? Do you have any income otherwise other than as a "fortune-teller"? Certainly the "plays" listed on google are all crap. Why do you bother being so pompos about your "explique"?

Who's nuttier? Roid the semen, or you the failed artist who couldn't even successfully join a cult?

HMMMM at least Roid can actually DO something... like sail! even if he's a nutcase, he's certainly got more to "google" than you.

PLEASE, editor... let this C*NT climb back into the "VOID" she is obviously trying to rip off from another nut.

WHO'S crazier? the nut who builds his own boat and tries to sail forever, or the C*nt who thinks she can "fix the past".

COME TO GRIPS ON YOUR OWN... tell it to your PSYCHOanalyst! He has the benefit of being 1. equipped to analyze "psychos" and 2. bound by hippocratic oath NEVER to tell your stroy to anyone else!

sheesh... I thought this was enetertainment - not another reason for nyc artist freaks to sell their useless life and "work".

Sailors are kewl - artchiks who glom off of their real-life attmepts at achievement are pitiful and loserly at best. GET A LIFE!

is this the best you guys can do for "entertainment"? let "VOIDHO artist c*nt" continue to shop her pitiful "creations"?

NO WONDER you were thrown out of the cult - you were the only dupe with no talent!


I thought this was supposed to be funny... not another poster for the freaky failure nyc "artchik" to surrepititously sell her useless "self". show me some real parody and leave the pitiful reality off, cause it's just depressing as hell!

whew! and i thought I might be able to laugh at this crap! VOIDHO back to your hole, artchik glom-c*nt!

(Sorry for any misogynistic undertones to this note, but this crap really gets my male ego a chirpin).



Sailflat said...

So sorry that you spent so much time leaving such a long post woodsman... We have throughly checked all Suzannas accusations and have been able to independently confirm them. She carries much more credibility here than you ever will with supercilious comments.

themagicwoodsman said...

HUH? she carries "credibility"??? Does it occur to you that you guys are helping her sell some of the worst Sh*T that anyone's ever heard/seen?

Curious to me that ROID aon't sellin any of his music on his site. Is that because he knows it is for "special" tastes?

NO, only the REAL VOIDHO would be describing such twat goo, so she could sell it, you dupe!

Please, dpon't support any more idiots as you are trying to lambast others. You slay me! :P

"supercilious"? NOW you guys get all serious with us? this whole blog is "supercilious", you twerp!

get a BRAIN too, it's never too late.

JUST when I thought this was a FUN site.

MaxHeadroom said...

Hey woodpecker

We have become very accustomed to the members of the cult of reid leaving there various rambling paranoid thoughts. Welcome and enjoy -

We can see your pitiful attempts at posting pretty quickly - But hey at least we are letting you post, something that Jessie the gatekeeper does not seem to be able to do on the other blog.

Susanne may be troubled, she may have issues, but compared to the Reid Ho, she is the sanest of the cult - She got away

And if it wasn't for her, we would not have taken this parody to the level we have -


Now go fuck off you miserable excuse for a cult wannabe

Suzanna Bowling said...

Wow, you know it’s amazing.

I went on to the 1000daysofhell website to check it out (Bravo, by the way). I saw that my answer to “Void Ho” was there (not a problem) and then I read the comments. Please count me in on this threat of a lawsuit considering they started the lawsuit thing with writing to me under goggle which is highly illegal and documented.. Also, Please leave the prolific magic woodsman’s comments in. This is exactly what slander well, libal is. Lets answer things in order:

1st of all I don’t own the copies of the CD, nor if I did, would I sell them. I do however own the copy write notice to it and without my permission, which I will never give, neither can Reid. He has tried both on his website and on Good New Broadcasting to take credit for what I have done and to use it. I sent cease and desist letters, which of course I kept the copies and replies. Can they say the same???

I do not need Reid or my association with him in my life. The problem is I can’t get rid of it. I’ve tried. When you goggle my name the Reid stuff comes up and though I have written all parties involved it just doesn’t get erased. It’s one of the reasons I was so forth coming about who I am. I figured ok can get rid of this, then get it into the open and maybe it will make sense. Why am I defending myself against raving lunatics who don’t even have a vocabulary? Who’s understanding of the law is to try some kind of inane scare tactic. Why don’t you state the facts? Why don’t you defend yourselves? Is it because you can’t?

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