Monday, October 1, 2007

Culture Club

Soanya and I are feeling good about sailing in the South Atlantic trade winds and as they shift letting us south, we feel horizons open up. The ocean responds to our love. I was carrying a load of tools to do the bowsprit repair when a rogue wave slapped the bow and rose up over me. Time stood still. Immediately, I sang the Boy George song from the Eighties, Do you really want to hurt me?/ Do you really want to make me cry?, and instead of crashing over me the wall of sparkling water fell back into the ocean. Then I was left singing that song all day.

Editor's note: no words were omitted or re-arranged; this is not a parody at all. Seriously, it's a verbatim excerpt from July 23


Sailflat said...

What.... Holly schnikies!

Skunk said...

"I packed a compounded mixture of sprouts and cheese around the sampson post to make it rigid again. We cannot fail. The love that went into the cheese packing is overcoming all the brokenness and rust. I'm not discouraged in the least by the fact that we can't catch any fish even though we're at sea and we think the algae in the water tank is a groovy color. We love algae in our drinking water. That means it's happy." ~~ RS.

Tacking said...

I first thought this was a pretty funny parody, until I discovered this was the real thing. WOW!

Anonymous said...

Why don't you see Scot Tempesta's name prominently in Sailing Anarchy? I guess he's just shy. If you look around, there's a "Contact" page, but no mention of Scot Tempesta as the founder or primary operator. But in other venues, he not above taking credit for "the most visited sailing website in the world". What you will find on SA is a very long "Legal" page on Terms and Conditions for using his web site. There are twelve long lawerly paragraphs, the first of which is "1. Copyright". It seems all of SA is copyrighted in 2001 even though most of it has appeared since 2001. Is that possible??? And "Any redistribution, retransmission, or publication of any material is strictly prohibited without the express written consent of the copyright owner", e.g. Sailing Anarchy, e.g. Scot Tempesta. With a section entitled "Lies and Rumors" on SA, you must be prepared for lawsuits, yes?

Anonymous said...

Looks like ALL the contributors here are members over at Sailing Anarchy. Coincidence? I think not. Visit the little neo-fascists over at this URL:

They pretend to be anarchists, but they are mostly middle-class white elitists wannabes with descended scrotums. Sailing Anarchy has a nice band of corporate advertising, too, so let's asy we consider writing to those advertisers about this site and its contributors. So stop by over there and say hello to the little piggy brownshirts and ask them who granted them the moral authority to mock and damage the reputation of anyone, let alone these two. This sort of herd behavior is antithetical to the values that make the United States such a great country. (Enable moderation much, twits?)

aseawolf said...

Hey anonymous, get some balls and ID yourself like we do...Jesse/boomasstic/swandick/SFFF

And I'd be willing to bet that there's a lot of 'old' money on SA. And if they don't have 'old' money, at least they have class, something that you lack tremendously!

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