Friday, September 28, 2007

The quotes of reid stowe

"The boat vibrates in a harmonic sort of way, Soanya throughly enjoys it. I've been keeping her in tune always ready to go." - Reid Stowe

"Sailing the Atlantic twice to four continents on this little catamaran - my biggest fear was a gust of wind would come too fast and too strong and blow the boat over... so I always had to be aware of watching out that not too much wind comes." - Reid Stowe

"When Soanya and I finish the Mars Ocean Odyssey, we expect to participate in preparing astronauts to go into space for an extended period of time. After we've done some training, they will demand Parmigiano Reggiano cheese along with their packaged food". - Reid Stowe

"This face, tongue, and eye exercise is invigorating and transformative." - Reid Stow Yoga Log

"I use my stomach muscles and diaphram to suck up and rotate my internal organs to stretch and massage them from my heart to my lower intestines." - Reid Stowe Yoga Log - March 4, 2007

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alice said...

Oh, now the almighty self-proclaimed king of the ocean thinks he controlsMa Nature, too?????


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