Friday, September 28, 2007

Ten Quick Reasons

September 20, 2007
Day 151

Ten Quick Reasons

Wind WSW 5-8 knots, Course WNW, Speed 0.2-0.3 knots,

Position: 02° 18 N, 08° 34 W

These are ten reasons why I like it here, unpremeditated and quickly written:


I like being alone in an empty place inside my head.
I like the power of kidnapping Soanya.
I like going nowhere where I've never been before.
I like being the Master of My Own Domain.
I love the safety of sailing across the ocean, far from the people I testified against.
I love that no one can deliver another subpoena to me out here.
I like the mysterious feeling the weed gives me.
In the ocean, no one can hear Soanya you scream.
I like sharing the magic mushrooms with the world.

Soanya's Top Ten

It's good to be away from bailiffs, sheriffs and District Attorneys.
It's good to experience the Captain intimately.
It's an opportunity to learn just how much weed I can smoke in a day.
I like being able to tell people what it would be like if we were actually at sea.
I get to rediscover methods of birth control that modern man forgot.
I get to do Reid every day.
It's healthier now that Reid can only bang me.
I found the wonderful partner to show me the magic of weed.
No one but Reid is telling me how to be.
I'm not stuck paying off my student loans.

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Anonymous said...

This is great stuff... keep it going!

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