Thursday, October 4, 2007

Day 158 Looking in the Same Direction Voyage

Friday, 28 September 2007 Wind shifty, Course WNW, Speed variable, Position: 03° 08 N, 13° 33W
Our lives have been reduced to the most minimal needs: hash, marihuana, magic mushrooms and cheese. Side by side and stoned like shit we look forward together in the direction of a higher calling. Yes, there is a rain cloud in the distance. Last night was a full moon. I often anticipate a change in the weather with the full moon, because I can see things so much better. If it is dark it is hard to tell what the hell is going on. Fortunately, we often see container ships that light up the skies so that I can anticipate the weather. With the two of us it only takes about half a day to reef this schooner, so we are very happy that we have these advanced meteorological methods especially when there is a full moon. We look at the rain cloud together having returned to where we caught rain before. Since smoking all the pod and eating cheese creates a dry mouth, we need water before venturing out into the unknown. For how long? We prepare for an eternity. In what direction? It's really not important as long as we do not run out of drugs and cheese. We were inspired to leave the earth long enough that we let as many ties go as possible, especially my former friends who thanks to me spend the last 15 years in prison. And while we ourselves have been called many names, we still do not feel the need to prove ourselves. To do that we look in the same direction.
Soanya's View:
What the fuck does it mean to look in the same direction? Why don’t you look at me anymore? An internal look is missing as well. I am wondering about your intentions. For a team to achieve their objective, they must be unified in all aspects. But all I do is hear the voices in my head conversing. One tells me to kill Reid, the other tells me that is not very safe as I have no clue where we are. Maybe the voices in my head can tell me to move in the right direction but I still have a nagging little voice that tells me to do otherwise. Reid’s survival depends on it.
Reid and Soanya

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