Thursday, October 4, 2007

Vote now!

Hit it hard and hit it good, good people! Vote now, and from as many home/work computers as you can to make 1000daysofhell the definitive 1000 days voyage reference.

You may choose to nominate for:

Is 1000daysfromhell providing the extra entertainment edge that gets you through your work day? Well, click and vote NOW! Hell, get you colleagues to vote NOW too!

Do you feel Reid's parenting and continual support of his offspring deserves a pat on the back?? (not too hard now, he's wasting away a little) Just one little click from all your computers will show OUR support!

Has the voyage, like, hey man, really ....... like hey, has the strengthening stance like made you hard for the 1000 days? Made you want to, like, become like Reid? Made you want to like join Reid? Best Religion's for YOU!

Does Sayonara get your juices flowing? Do bones do it for you? Because thats right, good people! Before the 1000 days is up, guess who's gunna be a Mummy!!! Reid it here first! The 1000daysofhell voyage will be returning with a third crew member, suckling a tiny dessicated breast when they step onto the dock in Liberia! Click that button now to show WHO gives YOUR parrot wood!

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Sailflat said...

Well done man, well done.

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