Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Mystery of the Sand

The journey of Reid and Soanya has many mysteries. On day 147 Reid inspected the water tanks, quite crucial for a long journey. The main tanks, he stated, have algae problems, the other tanks are fine. With this story he posted a picture:

While he claims to be inspecting the water tanks, both seem to be full of ... sand?


Anonymous said...

Why do you say it is full of sand? Where?

Stop this strange obsession already!

Is the guy a bit nuts, yes, but any group that would spend this much time trying to hammer another is the truly fruity.

Sailflat said...

I wasn't so sure about the value of this post as well myself. But if an author wants to post something, that is up to them.

The tanks are the round holes that he took the white and black covers from. Zoom into the pictures and it sure looks like the tanks are not full of water, but instead sand?

fred said...

It does look like something, but I guess I don't think even Reid would be so stupid as to post a pic of sand filled water canisters. Maybe...but this is one of the weker theories.

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