Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Proof that there was no collision

Thanks to bloodygazza at Sailing Anarchy for finding a picture that I have been looking for. It is from Reid's website and called saving the figurehead:

To put it quite simply... If their had been an actual collision there would have been no figurehead left to save.


bloodygazza said...

Note also what I believe is the mounting tab for the bob-stay, devoid (ho!) of said bob-stay positioned at "11 o'clock" on the bowsprit cap in the photo. The whisker stays are there, likewise the forestay. So, if the bob-stay failed on port 'tack' (I use the word tack advisedly here), failure could well display as such.

From other photos of the boat, it is apparent the whisker stays are positioned above the CL of the bowsprit; therefore only the bob-stay(s) (I do believe there are primary and secondary) are the only method of down-loading.

Look at all photos of the failed bowsprit: in all the bob-stay tab has nothing attached.

Suzanna Bowling said...

As for the huge debate on did the ship or didn’t the ship get hit. Go to the post on Sept 25th. The sea serpent sculpture, which I know well (it’s on my camera) is completely intact. How????? 1st of all it weights a ton. I know I helped lift it. 2nd how does steal bend and fall into the sea and the sculpture doesn’t have a scratch. Curious minds ask questions that of course will not be answered because the answers are not what will show them in good light

Anonymous said...

I can come up with several scenarios bout how the strike occured that would cause this. You seem obsessed that he ran directly into the side of the boat, and that is actually unlikely. It is more likely they struck at some angle - possibly going in the same direction to some extent - and thus there was no direct hit that would damage the figurehead. More importantly, who n the hell would spend this kind of time obsessing about the fact that someone told a lie? You guys are the truly fruity! Nice job, you sailing obseesed boobs...

Sailflat said...

Dozens of experts on the subject have considered the situation... If you have something that we haven't though of please send it in and we will be happy to post it.

Obviously you have never been on a very slow sail boat near a fast freighter.

And yes, while we may be sailing obsessed, only some of us have boobs though many of us my be obsessed by that. ;-)

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