Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The great Bowsprit Controversy

So in case one isn't already aware. Early on in the epic voyage of the cheese scow Anne, there was a failure of the ship's bowsprit. Reid claims that it was due to a collision with a 300m long container ship. There are numerous reasons to doubt that this really is the case; the first being that he is alive to tell the tale, the second is that their was no report of the collision by the ship. None the less their remains a problem as was outlined on Sailing Anarchy:

What I find fascinating about this whole huge argument over the bowspirit is that no matter what explanation that the Stowe camp has for its failure, it still puts shit on the face of Stowe.

1) It failed due to poor maintenance - Capt Crunch should have not used it if he hadn't properly inspected it prior to departure, poor preparation.
2) It failed due to overloading due to possible scooping water - Shouldn't have had so much sail area up at the time, poor seamanship.
3) He hit a huge 1000 ft cargo ship thats lit up like JFK airport and is louder than a freight train in a tunnel - Poor Seamanship period.

So keep making excuses for his ineptitude. Its amusing to read. Its like trying to argue "what smells worse, cat shit or dog shit?"

So take your pick as the what the explanation is; the only difference is whether Reid is a simply a poor seaman or a poor seaman and lying about it.


Anonymous said...

You've checked with the Coast Guard and Maersk Lines to see that there was no report filed by the ship? Do your homework, little monkeys.

Sailflat said...

Indeed we have and there was no creditable/official report filed. Maersk has no record of any collision, the Coast Guard has no official report on file and no investigation was done. AND NO, the illegally recorded phone call to the Coast Guard does not an official report or an investigation make.

Anonymous said...

We're coming for you, asshole. Why don't you see Scot Tempesta's name prominently in Sailing Anarchy? I guess he's just shy. If you look around, there's a "Contact" page, but no mention of Scot Tempesta as the founder or primary operator. But in other venues, he not above taking credit for "the most visited sailing website in the world". What you will find on SA is a very long "Legal" page on Terms and Conditions for using his web site. There are twelve long lawerly paragraphs, the first of which is "1. Copyright". It seems all of SA is copyrighted in 2001 even though most of it has appeared since 2001. Is that possible??? And "Any redistribution, retransmission, or publication of any material is strictly prohibited without the express written consent of the copyright owner", e.g. Sailing Anarchy, e.g. Scot Tempesta. With a section entitled "Lies and Rumors" on SA, you must be prepared for lawsuits, yes?

MaxHeadroom said...

Listen closely ASSHAT, this is not SA - Read closely the little address thingy at the top of your interweb browser - This is blogger.com / 1000daysofhell.blogspot.com

Do you see the words sailing anarchy anywhere in the address line?

Truth getting to you reid hovians?

Fuck off Mr. Boobbastic / Jessie / Bald guy in bad suite or whoever the fuck you are. We are on to Reid and the ho's game and still have over 800 more days holding up the mirror of ridicual to the drug runner / con man that is reid and his ho


Wow, I feel much better now

Anonymous said...

But wait! Are those copyrighted photographs I see here?! Couldn't be!
But wait, THEY ARE!

Anonymous said...

How many 1000stupidhippies.con mousepads will the Ho Dividians need to sell to raise a legal war chest? Oh yeah, I'm sure an attorney would take it on contingency. I'm sure they will see dollar signs over a noncomercial copywrite issue like this. Actually, they will mace you and throw you from their law offices. But good luck with that!

Anonymous said...

How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could scam a bunch of folks and escape responsibility on a floating fornicatorium with a child a third his age while his real child looks out of the cracked window of a unlevel mobile home looking to see if daddy has sent a child support check? NOPE!

Anonymous said...

Looks like ALL the contributors here are members over at Sailing Anarchy. Coincidence? I think not. Visit the little neo-fascists over at this URL: http://www.sailinganarchy.com/index_page1.php

They pretend to be anarchists, but they are mostly middle-class white elitists wannabes with descended scrotums. Sailing Anarchy has a nice band of corporate advertising, too, so let's asy we consider writing to those advertisers about this site and its contributors. So stop by over there and say hello to the little piggy brownshirts and ask them who granted them the moral authority to mock and damage the reputation of anyone, let alone these two. This sort of herd behavior is antithetical to the values that make the United States such a great country. (Enable moderation much, twits?)

MaxHeadroom said...

At least we allow fuckwads like you and the rest of the Hovians the ability to post and prove just how much you are under control of the cult of Reid. Think Jessie would let us post on his blog? Hell, half the reason we have this little spot in the blog world is due to his fear of the truth being spoken

Of course we are members of SA - Did you think we came from your little cult of the 1000 day heart shaped turtle?

Perhaps you should do your homework a bit more. The interweb and SA are somewhat more than just US based you dim witted fuckhead

As far as middle aged white guys, ya, many of us are, but I am guessing that most of us have a few more miles under our belts than you do you miserable excuse for foreskin removal

Face it - Your cult leader is a fraud, and while the folks advertising on SA know what they are getting into when they buy an ad - I kind of doubt that the "marks" that are supporting reid's con are as knowledgeable about where the money goes.

Anonymous said...

Oh great, we have one quoting Chuck Manson now with "piggies", although I know the Beatles said it first. Yeah, aint it a bitch that we are not censored (nor are you asswipe) at any of the truthful sites by "moderators" in the Chinese Google sense.

Call the advertisers, start with Doyle Sails and ask them to read it all. They will be so pleased to hear what came of their donation. I'm sure they already know and are ashamed enough.

Wow, you figured out that SA folkls are here? Fucking Sherlock Holmes. Go bathe!

stevedallas said...

Wow, looks like boobspastic doesn't like to play nice when his true colors are revealed. Funny, but I thought I spotted a leopard with his first unverifiable post--the whole ship tracking/ intersection with Google-earth pins etc was just a bit to convenient to be true. And the arcane language and spastic 50 posts in one day--a true anarchist doesn't really care that much. And who exactly is he coming for? When I transcribed the original "so that not too much wind comes" quote, it was from Roid's public domain video--the asshat doesn't even know his own words prove him the idiot. Thanks, and pass the popcorn. . .

Roznos said...

Can't we all just get a long. Family United Sailing Association - FU-SA http://www.sailmonster.com/videos/id_1025/title_family-united-sailing-association/

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