Monday, October 1, 2007

The Rescue Mission

Allrighty Oberon... You asked for help.... WELL YOU GOT IT

We were sitting around the bar, chatting before a conference call, supposed to be discussing business but kept coming back to VOID Ho...

The long and the short of it is..... We have decided to launch A RESCUE MISSION

Without giving too many details that would give away who I am or who I work for...

We know of a sail boat in transit with a support boat in attendance... The sail boat can take care of itself and the support boat will have some lay off time after it arrives; SO we have decided to divert the support boat to resupply Reid!

Reid isn't moving very fast and we have calculated that the support boat will reach him in about 5~6 days...

The boat has 4 crew and will carry 200 pounds of soy bean sprouts, 2 fishing poles, 50 dehydrated meals for some real nutrition, an EMT with a full medical kit, and as much CHEESE as they can get their hands on. The boat has a full nav set, radar, video cameras, and coms... We hope that it will be fairly easy to locate them from calculating their drift rate and position reports.

Are they where they claim... We will find out in about 5 or 6 days!

So things went quicker than expected with the trip to shore to pick up the bean sprouts... It seems that the guys on the boat popped into the harbor, ignored customs and immigration regulations, scoured the port and found the beens and 2 cheese wheels. Didn't check in with immigration or clear customs. They will probably get there a little sooner than expected. The other equipment that we intend to leave with reid was already on the boat and/or donated by the crew.

They do have 2 HD video camera kits with some decent sound equipment. I wish we had more people on the boat to handle the equipment when they meet up but we didn't want to leave the delivery short handed. The plan is to video the encounter and sell it to a news organization to offset some or all of the fuel cost.

A problem has occured to us though... What do we do if they want to be taken off the boat??? If Sonya(well either of them) wants to be taken off we should take her. But say we take her off the boat, do we leave reid alone on the boat? Sonya wants taken from the boat and then reid bails as well or he is to weak to be left alone. Do we take their garbage scow in tow? The support boat is equipped to do that for short distances but not hundreds of miles. If we take garbage scow in tow does it then become a salvage? Where do we drop these leeches off, Liberia? Anyone in the peanut gallery have any idea?


Anonymous said...

Have Ried take comand of the mission, and donate your ship and crew to the Mars 1000 day effort. Much like a space ship docking at the SpaceStation, you and your crew will be assimilated into the cult. Don't resist. You will love it and soon grow to worhip the god who speaks through Reid. Forget the Southern Ocean! Just float around the Atlantic. New ships will start arriving daily, and soon the great cosmic raft-up will be in full swing! Please bring a number of small "sport" boats, like FlyingTigers to do the fishing.

Anonymous said...

Unathorized use of coprighted images? Great fun. Sailing Anarchy getting sued and shut down enabling their use to slander a man's reputation? Priceless.

Sailflat said...

Genius! How original. Slander is only a problem if it is not true. Glad you are enjoying the site.

MaxHeadroom said...

Big words from anonymous little man.

Last I checked, parody/satire constitute fair use -

Fuck off little reid hovian wanna be

Anonymous said...

Why don't you see Scot Tempesta's name prominently in Sailing Anarchy? I guess he's just shy. If you look around, there's a "Contact" page, but no mention of Scot Tempesta as the founder or primary operator. But in other venues, he not above taking credit for "the most visited sailing website in the world". What you will find on SA is a very long "Legal" page on Terms and Conditions for using his web site. There are twelve long lawerly paragraphs, the first of which is "1. Copyright". It seems all of SA is copyrighted in 2001 even though most of it has appeared since 2001. Is that possible??? And "Any redistribution, retransmission, or publication of any material is strictly prohibited without the express written consent of the copyright owner", e.g. Sailing Anarchy, e.g. Scot Tempesta. With a section entitled "Lies and Rumors" on SA, you must be prepared for lawsuits, yes?

MaxHeadroom said...

Ok Boobbastic waste of a foreskin -
See my previous post in the bowsprit section - THIS IS NOT SA


John Hancock said...

Slander you say?
As sailflat mentioned, it has to be true first. Kind like how its true that your buddy is a felon.

More importantly, what you're seeing here and at other websites are people rebutting your assertions about the quality of Mr. Stowe's semanship and the calibre of his character. That is perfectly legal...questions I refer you to the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Instead of worrying about who to sue, maybe you should be worried about your potential liability fraud and misrepresentation.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you see Al Gore's name prominently in the interweb? I guess he's just shy. If you look around, there's a "Contact" page, but no mention of Al Gore as the founder or primary operator. But in other venues, he not above taking credit for "the inventor of internet scams". What you will find in the U.S.Constitution is a very long "Legal" page on Terms and Conditions for your so-called rights. There are ten long lawerly first of the ten amendments, the first of which is "1. Freedom of Speach". It seems the Bondo-Barque Ann was gonna depart in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 even though most deep pocket suckers had been fleeced by 2001. Is that possible??? And "Any redistribution, retransmission, or reinfection of any STDs or body crabs although strictly prohibited without the express written consent of Our Dear Leader while he is out laying pipe and avoiding child support payments", e.g. Reid Stowe, e.g. Capt. L. Reid Hubbard, aka Sprout Daddy Y2K. With a section entitled "501(c)(3) fraud and the IRS" to be carved in the flesh of his ass, you must be prepared for what happens when they get back, yes?

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