Monday, October 22, 2007

Reid's lies...

Reid Stowe is a profligate liar, misleading his followers, the news media, sponsors, and anyone who would listen. Again and again and again. While we have heard of numerous lies that Reid may have perpetrated, we have only posted those that we can verify. In no particular order...

- Reid Stowe lied about setting a record regarding sailing a small boat across the Atlantic: In a TV interview by Harold Channer which aired August 4, 2003

- No one had been to Antarctic before Anne: In a TV interview by Harold Channer which aired August 4, 2003

- Reid Stowe lied about having a collision with a freighter: Again and again and again to anyone who would listen

- That NASA has an interest in his "mars ocean odyssey," However NASA has actively disavowed any association with him: Again and again and again to anyone who would listen

- The very premise of Reid's voyage has come into question after this photo was found on his web site of him planning a Rendezvous during the voyage.

- Reid's claims: "A feature written about the Explorers Club of New York by Conde Nast Traveler describes Reid as being the "genuine article, with an old-fashioned spirit of adventure" and "a man with that rare combination of unbridled passion and impetuosity." Nicholas Sullivan, president of the Explorer's Club, adds that "By virtue of his Voyage of 1000 Days, Reid will be one of the greatest explorers ever."" However a search of Conde Nast Traveler finds no such article.

- Reid misleads anyone who will listen about sailing up the Amazon river on his home made catamaran : Perhaps he may have sailed in the Amazon basin but any sailor knows that clearly there is no way he could have sailed a catamaran(without a motor) up the Amazon river.

- Reid mislead his sponsors and lived off their gifts for 10 years (doing nothing), while telling them he would use it for the trip.

- He mislead everyone about his level of preparedness for this journey (which is probably the worst of all,as he will kill both himself and Soanya)

- Reid has claimed credit for artwork that was created by his ex wives.

- Reid lied about being knocked down three times: Telling the story at one place he says three times, and at another place he says 1 time.

- This may seem trivial to a non sailor but could be extremely important... Because Reid has told 4 different versions of the story, it is unclear where Annes' masts were from Danish forest or NC: Masts from the Danish forest would have much more structural integrity than those from his back yard.

Does anyone have anything to add?


fred said...
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Sailflat said...

As we have stated before, specifically addressed to you several times... If you are interested in writing a topical article for publishing here, please send it in. We will post it on your behalf even if we don't agree with your viewpoint. However, personal attacks like the one you seem to have been embarrassed enough about to have deleted yourself will not be tolerated.

If you are able to show that we are wrong about any specific points. Please let us know and we will be happy to fix the error and publish a retraction.

1000 thanks from all the contributers.

fred said...

That is exactly the point Ms. Sailflat - the great volunteer who seems to never sailed an ocean open cruise - but has volunteered alot, that sure makes here the expert, doesn't it?

What if someone posted your personal wenb address, as you have Reid,s? What if someone dug into your past and made you look like an idiot for every mistake you made?

The questions are exactly the point - if you are going to try to ruin a person (which this site is clearly doing), then the people practicing the politics of destruction need to think about what if it was them out there?

fred said...

...and why would I write a topical piece for a site I do not respect? That is like asking Ried to use this site so you can more directly make fun of him...I will consider it though. Of course, I would rahter be billing clients.

troll said...

Hey Fred - the point is if any of the SA people were out there, it wouldn't be in a POS, ill-prepared, ill-stocked, ancient under-crewed boat.

Maybe you don't understand exactly who most of the people are that read and post on SA and the experience that they have.

Reid made himself into a super-hero public figure (in his own mind). Public figures are just that - public.

If they go into the Southern Ocean, they will die. Have they even had MOB drills? Their fake life boat will never make it off the boat, even if it did, it is not meant to withstand the elements that would sink a vessel.

Sailflat said...

You don't make any sense... What is the point?
Posted Reid's personal web address? I thought that was what he wanted... More people looking at his web site.
The clear difference is that, in the case of Reid, we are only pointing out what he has done himself. He is doing all the work here. He is not a victim... The people who he is misleading are the victims.

As for myself, sure I have made mistakes. But I accept responsibility for them, don't lie about them. And if someone can make me look like an idiot because of if... Well they can't. Because rather than lied about it I harden up and tell people: Yes, I made a mistake. No news or embarrassment in that, in fact generally people admire that.

We are not trying to ruin anyone. We are just pointing out what he has done himself. If that is ruining him in some way that is his own fault. He even now continues to lie about things and make things worse... Does it nearly every day...

Sailflat said...

Hey Fred.... I would have emailed you directly, but you have that locked out so I can't...

What do you think of the idea that the Reid Hovians are effectively yelling at a man on a roof top to JUMP???

fred said...

"Reid made himself into a super-hero public figure (in his own mind). Public figures are just that - public. "

Don't take the public for fools, pretty much anyone who looked into this at all knows it is a very risky endeavor and an under-crewed boat (how could anyone read that Soanya has never sailed and think this is a good idea). That said, it is not worthy of an obsession website that comes across as petty hate.

Rethink your position.

troll said...

What exactly is it you think I need to rethink? That they have done one too many hits of acid? That they are drifting around in the same circle, waiting to off-load drugs, that they are going to sink and die because they are incompetent?
No one here hates them. At least I don't. But, we WILL continue to make fun of them and speculate on their stupidity. If you don't like what is said on this website, don't bother to come here. Everyone knows you are a void hovian. So, go and eat some sprouts.

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