Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Irrefutable Evidence of 1000 Days SCAM

Here's a screen capture from today's 1000 Days site (December 19, 2007,
Day 241, First Southern Ocean Storm):

Here's a screen capture from a site about Sub-Antarctic and Polar Bird Life (Click Here)

Same bird, same waves, same picture, same liars at mission control. No mention to their readers that the picture was not taken by Reid and Soanya. No mention that they pulled it from the web. No credit to Angus Wilson, the photographer.

They'll probably pull the picture once they realize they've been caught in their deception, but we've got full screen shots to prove the whole thing if they do.

Can they be trusted in anything they post? Is Soanya all right? Are they where they say they are? Are the blog updates really the work of Reid and Soanya? Are you donating money to this scam?

Fool me once......


fred said...

Ummm, didnt they have trouble posting pics during the storm? Couldnt it be someone just pulled a pic from the web? This might be a mild copyright violation, but is certainly not a conspricay. Do you guy also believe in UFOs and if you wear tin hats the radio waves wont get to your brain?

Get over yourselves, and quit hatin', and quit finding a conpspiracy behind every door.

Regatta Dog said...

Hi Fred,

First, thanks for dropping by. I know it must be tough for you, while Reid is at sea, having to kneel in front of that 1000 Days altar instead of Reid himself. I appreciate you taking a break to share your insights.

"Didn't they have trouble posting pics during the storm?"

Why yes, Jeff, they did.

"Couldn'[sic]t it be someone just pulled a pic from the web?"

Yes, Jeff, that is what someone did.

Now why is it that the Ed over there has time to respond to critics, research photos, but not enough time to add a little tag line giving credit to the professional photographer from whom he STOLE the albatross picture?

"Do you guy also believe in UFOs and if you wear tin hats the radio waves wont get to your brain?"

It's nice that you are following along at SA and have picked up on the tinfoil hat angle; we've had quite a few guffaws over that inanity. I would suggest, however, you spend a bit more time there and try and see if you can learn something about humor.

I don't hate Reid, and don't think any of the folks here at 1000 Days of Hell do. Do we like the world class idiot that has an ego ten fold the size of his very, very limited capabilities? No. We don't particularly care for him, but we don't hate him.

Lighten up. You might want to climb onto your yoga platform, read some of the previous blog entries that Soanya has made about birds, azure skies, moonlit waters, etc., put on some Boy George and rearrange your lower intestinal tract. I think you'll find the prostate massaging your forehead to be quite pleasant.

Thanks for taking the time to visit us.

Happy Holidays!


Sailflat said...

This was after the storm... Had nothing to do with it.

This photo and others were posted in Reid's name with the intent that the casual observer think they were from Reid. How much more deceptive can you get....

Well they achieved that... They posted photos from the storm that were taken from google images as well.

Not only copyright violations but pure deceit as well.

What conspiracy? The only people who could possible be involved are Reid and mission control. Unless you are referring to conspiracy to defraud?

LeLu said...

I wrote a really long and thoughtful post about this over at the Days at Sea blog, and of course the "Ed" didn't post it. He's only posted one of my comments thus far, and it was only because it was thinly-veiled as an ass-kissing post to Reid. But when I deleted that post, and RE-posted it with ANOTHER question, they wouldn't approve it.

I think it's telling that the Ed got all huffy and pissy and called the fans of the blog idiots for believing that the pictures posted on that travesty of writing were real...when "Ed", Reid and the lackeys said all along that they were real (sent when the weather was permitting), or a description of the photo was given as though it was happening in real time, or at least weren't exactly forthcoming with the little bit of info that they were yanking copyrighted pictures from google images and recycling old photos of the Boat (and I use that term loosely). Anyone who didn't know A LOT about sailing and/or image manipulation would believe they were real. Hell, I thought they were, and I'm a skeptic of the highest order.

Copyrighted images are not public domain, even if you can right-click and save-as. Stating that the pictures were up for grabs because someone DIDN'T use watermarking or blocking software is not only asinine, it's borderline whackadoo. If they were up for grabs, then why was "Ed" so pissy about SA'ers and the creators of this blog creating parody out of the photos posted on the At Sea blog (he ought to check out laws regarding copyright and parody before he spouts off some more bullshit). At least everyone knew those were fake and meant for parody. Instead of apologizing, "Ed" got defensive and called names, pointed fingers and threw a temper tantrum more suited to my 3 year old son.

The real problem I have with this farce is not only are they defrauding people of money and product, they are teaching newbies and those without TRUE sailing knowledge how NOT to sail, but the readers don't know it. They think this guy is some sort of Sailing Hero, when he's just some friggin yoga-posing, sprout-eating, Boy George singing nutjob who thinks society owes him everything when he's done nothing but lie, cheat and steal to perpetuate his bullshit idealogical craziness.

Like I've said before, I originally tuned into his blog to learn more about sailing, because one day my Husband and I plan on retiring and restoring a sailboat we bought to eventually make it our home. I'm glad I found this blog, SA and other forms of info warning me of the lies, the cover-up attempts, and just the flat-out things he's done wrong and half-assed. If anything, all I've learned so far from Reid and his crazy-assed followers is how to scheme and lie and beg for the items needed to fix up our boat.

But I guess my morals and ethics get in the way of that. Could have saved me a bundle...

fred said...

My name is not Jeff, I have more sailing "experience" than the great sailflat who expounds like a great sailor, and I do know the difference between hate and humor. This is hate.

Go get a life.

Sailflat said...

Fred... no one called you Jeff...

Again... Sober up...

Fred are you drunk or something? You are not making any sense... If you keep posting this inane drivel you will banned under the drunken genius posting inane drivel policy...

fred said...

I am a genius, but I don't drink.

Guess you don't read all your cohorts posts, where some "friend" of yours (do haters friends, or just ocmbatants?) has decided he knows who I am, see below.

If you don't post your experience we will all know the "quality" of this blog.

Ban me, because I'm right? Ban me because you can't refute the correctness of my arguments? Come on little lady, lets see you defend the crap you post instead of attacking your more experienced elders.

Sailflat said...

Take off your tin foil hat... No one called you Jeff and no one really cares who you are...

You will not be banned for your views... But rather because you are posting illiterate nonsense.

This site is not about me... I will not be dragged into your useless argument. Your tactic is one of misdirection, a tactic of those who can't win the day with substance.

You have been told time and again...
If you have a lucid argument to make regarding a topic found here; send it in and it will be considered... Definitively refute anything here and we will correct it.

Otherwise good day to you sir.

Sailflat said...

Oh... and another thing...

In case one doesn't know... Rather than face continued criticism regarding falsified and plagiarized articles... The 1000daysatsea blog was deleted by it's author.

Vandalism and Fair Use

It seems that some energetic fans of Mr. Stowe have discovered this site and have a problem with it's content; All posts are welcome here whether you agree with this blog or not; however, nonsensical posts will be deleted.

We suggest you research the following terms: public figure, parody, and fair use.....and lighten up a bit, hey?