Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Goodbye Soanya. Hello Voices.

Wherein Reid bids Soyonara to Soanya and introduces us to the imaginary friends that live in his head. "The High Seas" --- Very funny stuff from Sailing Anarchy's favorite newbie Thermopyle.


LeLu said...



I'm crying. So funny.



Marco said...

That was soooo funny you have no idea!!! I have amazing stories about Capt RS... He tried to (beg) get me to invest in his delusional 1000 days and always invited me on his boat for a bean and sprout dinner... my mouth was always wide open with the absolute BS he was spewing.. I can tell you for a fact that pot was the only thing he got busted for... he was running the white stuff from florida for yrs and also hit bottom and boats up and down the coast...
you almost have to love him for being so crazy!!!
I give him a month.. he's freaking out there alone.
Thanks..made my day!

bub said...

LMAO I am so glad I found this blog. What a nutcase this guy is. Funniest video. I can't stop laughing, and I'm not even on Reid's weed!!!

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