Sunday, February 24, 2008

Adventurer, Convicted Drug Smuggler & Deadbeat Dad

Warrants for Child Support ---

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Search for yourself by clicking here.

Thanks to liboy who posted links to the above on the NY Daily News site.


anonymus said...

I admire you getting all these undisputed, official docs out there for all to see. I had no idea that the mainstream press was so lazy and accepting of amateur pr; of course I've heard of 'spinning' but I truly had no grasp of how far from the truth today's reportage really is. Its an eyeopener; I'll never read another news article (or a wiki) with such innocence again.

anonymus said...

Since donations to 1000 days at sea are applicable to 'Reid debt', one wonders just how much money Reid has received. Quoting this article from the NY Times in 1999, "Stowe says he has raised about $170,000 in sponsorship support so far, but needs $300,000."
One can only speculate how much money has been donated in the nine years since this article was written, as Mission Control does not practice transparency and no information as to where donations go is made public.

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