Friday, February 22, 2008

Reid's Shore Team Thinks YOU are an Idiot

Today, Reid's shore team posted a Press Release in which many of their claims can be challenged, but two of their claims are reidiculous, blatant lies.

They know it.

They must think you and I are completely daft.


From their Press Release -

The “1000 Days at Sea: The Mars Ocean Odyssey” voyage has the
aim of remaining in the open ocean, out-of-sight of land, with no
re-provision or resupply for a period of 1000 days

"Out of site of land"? The screen shot below shows the distance between Anne's track and Rottnest Island to her right. A half mile converts to about 900 yards - or three drives and a well executed 5 iron. If you think that 900 yards is "out of site of land", I suggest you contact Reid's shore team immediately and ask that their web updates be sent to you in braille.


From their Press Release -

Soanya's seasickness over the last few months,
brought on by their entry into the southern ocean...

The Southern Ocean is below 60 degrees south. The screen capture below shows a line, made with Google Earth ruler function. That line is from the Anne's southernmost point on her cruise to 60 S.

Take a look at the distance. No small miscalculation or "close enough". That's about the distance between New York City and the Magical World of Disney in Orlando FL. I'd say they were just a tad shy of the Southern Ocean, wouldn't you? To make it to the Southern Ocean from their closest point to it would have taken an additional 10 days.....if they headed straight south.....and averaged 5 knots.


Hazybeer said...

Well Regatta Dog things are falling into place, aren't they.

I must admit as a blue water sailer I too was critical of this whole affairs, especially bringing along crew who had never spent any appreciable time at sea. But I can not help but feel some empathy for Stowe. Yes he is a kook and a showman, but at least he IS pursuing a dream.

I imagine Regatta (what a shithead name) that you have not accomplished much in your life. If fact I assume you still life at home in your old bedroom (you know the one with the cowboy border). And I can not imagine that you have a job that presses you much. I mean, look at the time you dedicate to your infatuation with Stowe.

Get a life! and perhaps it is time for you to get your own home and play big boy. I am sure mama will still cook for you on Saturday nights (bath night).

You are a piece of shit. I am sure you and the rest of your "Sailer Aanarch' can find better things to do.


Regatta Dog said...

Thanks so much for the reply, hazybeer. We appreciate your comments and I certainly appreciate your advice.

Reid pursued his dream at the expense of his daughter, which I guess is OK with you. Reid participated in smuggling 30,000 pounds of dope into the US, which is apparently just fine with you.

My mother chooses to assist me financially by providing me the basement. Reid decided to abandon responsibility for his daughter. I feel just fine waking up each day to the face of my dear mother over the breakfast table. How do you feel looking in the mirror each day knowing that you support Reid Stowe?

You should move back in with your mother, it is obvious she has not finished with your moral upbringing.

Have a great day!


Hazybeer said...

Regatta Dog, wow, I just took a shot in the dark about you living at home!

In reality, I do have a problem with his dubious past. I just find it somewhat disturbing that you spend so much of your time outing him. Ignore him, no one appointed you the moral officer of the high seas. Relieve yourself of this burden.


Regatta Dog said...


Thanks again for the advice.

I've pondered what you and many other Reid supporters have criticized me about regarding the amount of time I spend with this, that I must not have a job, etc. I don't have a job, HB, but I don't need one. I'm living off my mom's Social Security and pursuing my dream.

I'm just lucky not everyone drops out of productive society to pursue their dreams like me. If everyone did, where would we find the sponsors and donors to pay our way?

I'd like to ignore Reid, but he gives us dream seekers a bad name. For 20 years I've been preparing for my record setting drive across Upstate NY in a Zamboni. I meant to leave on this trip 9 years ago, but couldn't raise the necessary funds. Mom's SS isn't going to pay for it even after I take out a second mortgage on her house to pay for the machine. I've done the research, and every time I drive on an icy highway (which is essential to effective Zamboni operation), I'm going to have to pay a sand truck to follow me.

How am I supposed to get sponsors and donors to step up and help make my dream a reality if Reid's given us dreamers a bad name?

I'd love to be able to just walk away from this whole thing, but personal responsibility is much more expensive than following one's dreams.

I hope you understand, HZ and someday will support me in my Upstate Zamboni Odyssey with the same fervor that you support Reid. I also hope I can count on you to be there, at least in spirit, when I reach my final destination and my place in the record books - when I make that final sweep into Ithaca.

Dance like there's no one watching,


Hazybeer said...

Yeah! I'm aboard on your Zamboni adventure, not as a contributor but you'll be able to check out my blog, "ZamboniHell". I will spend countless house of my day putting useful information on it as well as entertaining parodies. Yes, yes this is what I will do!

"Mommy, will I ever be someone"

"No Little Dog, you will never be a Reid Stowe"

Regatta Dog said...

Dear Hazybeer,

It was so thoughtful of you to point out the faith that my dear mother has in me to maintain a level of morality and character that would prevent me from being compared to such a man.

I am independently wealthy, I have no friends due to my abrasive personality and tendency to spit when I talk, and I am shunned by people on the street due to my enormous size and lack of personal hygiene.

On the other hand, you appear to be an affable fellow with a natural talent for promoting those aspects of the human character that most of society finds abhorrent. Rather than sparring with me here on a site that few tend to visit, might I suggest your time and skills would be better invested in a more gallant struggle.

You've certainly cut your teeth defending Reid and done a splendid job on his behalf. The next logical rung on the ladder for you is upward - perhaps defending the morals of Michael Jackson, the whaling industry, or maybe even Charles Manson (I understand the forehead branding is optional these days).

All the best to you in your future endeavors, and do keep in touch.

Fingers Crossed,


boondoggle said...

RD - you are my favourite wordsmith ever! Bravo! Bravo! Standing O from me.

Hazybeer said...

I see I have wounded you deeply RD. My dialogue between you and your mother was callous. As I write I am weeping for. My tear roll into into my plastic cup half full of Bud Light (some cigar ashes in there too). Only the sound of the stale Doritos crunching in my mouth keeps me from wailing your name. No, moving forward I will temper my writing to be kinder and gentler.

Anyone who can take the time (I imagine all day) to respond to me so eloquently must be a better man than me. I bow to you and your Sailing Anarchy. What a great bunch you must all be. Perhaps I will sail up to NY and we can all have a good laugh together and sing Kumbaya.

RD you have won in one respect, I have no more time for your moronic web site. You and your pseudo intellectual buddies can sip wine and have a good laugh at Stowe.

If he succeeds, he will have his moment of fame. You will still be insignificant either way.


Regatta Dog said...


Thanks so much and it has been a good time. I wish you the best. But don't worry about me. I'll always be a hero in the eyes of my children, while others are destined to be heroes only in their own egotistical minds.

The way I spend my free time may not be the most productive. I'm well behind in my reading and look forward to picking up a book again and having my cable reconnected. I got wrapped up in this only two volumes short of reading the complete works of Dickens and have missed my weekly dose of Family Guy. (I always thought that Uriah Heep, that oddly evil character from "David Copperfield", should make a cameo as Stewie's assistant. Perhaps it is because I can relate to Uriah's living situation.)

Thanks again for the sporting good time and swing by to say hello if you're ever in the neighborhood.



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