Monday, May 11, 2009

South Carolina Girl Wins Sailing Trip of a Life Time.

From Lonelyboy15 ---

A lucky South Carolina lass has won the dream opportunity of a life time. A year at sea aboard a romantic 72 foot schooner cruising the South Seas! The '1000 days at sea' organization has been conducting the Be a Stowe-away for aYear competition to find a suitable person to join famous adventurer, artist and musician Reid Stowe as he continues his record breaking odyssey. The opportunity arouse when Mr. Reid's initial 1st mate ,Soanya, left the project to start a family.

The winner was announced at the gala finals evening, held last night.
The Judges had to pick winner, based on their suitability as a companion for Mr. Reid.
Head judge Jesse said "We were looking for someone with intelligence, good communication skills and, of course, a sound knowledge of world affairs and geography"

I think you will agree, they chose well......

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