Tuesday, October 30, 2007

From Ellie regarding the annonymous opinions..

SA's own Ellie wrote this in response to the anonymous letter to the editor at 1000days. Unfortunately they didn't find it fit to print, we don't have those same standards here.

Dear Editor,
Thank you so much for posting yet another Anonymous opinion. We can all use more of those. It is surprising to say the least, that you would be willing to post something from an anonymous person who so obviously thinks your voyagers and their quest are of so little importance. While I agree, it is certainly a contradictory opinion to Ried’s own and that of many of your readers. Did anonymous really say, “I seriously doubt there was a single person who looked on this as something serious”? Not one single person, hmm, no family, friends, contributors, blog readers. I guess they can all rest and read easier now knowing that Anonymous has proclaimed there is no longer a need to take Reid and Soanya seriously. That’s a relief, because I was seriously concerned for two human beings out on the wide ocean in a leaking vessel.

Who, but Reid and his followers, has ever touted him a seaman with a mind-boggling sailing resume? He set his own rules, one of the most important and “written in stone” ones being without sight of land and no outside assistance (meaning “people” though he maintains constant contact). Anonymous is correct in one thing, Reid has left himself the opportunity for him and for you to be able to view his voyage as a success regardless of fulfilling any of the goals he set. It is his and many others’ opinion that it has already been a success, so why the insistence of venturing into the Southern Ocean? It is Reid himself who exaggerates; even his mama says so. He has exaggerated the importance of his mission, his ability and the integrity of his boat.

Reid’s lack of seamanship is painfully obvious to anyone with an ounce of sense or experience. His posts talk for him. If it seems he can’t sail, it is because it is proven so in what he writes. There is not a day that goes by that Reid has not attempted a grasp at straws to tie his voyage into something bigger than himself, a service to mankind and something for the world to recognise. He begs that we cheer him, acknowledge his vision, achievements, value and skill, advise him on problems that should have been taken care of before departure, even pray for him. Yet when asked simple questions about the condition of his boat, it’s rigging and sails or his safety equipment he acts as if this information is on a need to know basis and condescendingly implies that his readers don’t need to know. His journey may indeed be spiritual and personal; he would do well to leave it at that. He made this about sailing, he made it about NASA, he made it about seamanship, he made it about breaking or setting a record, we did not. People who are truly unique and different do not have this burning desire to be more than what they are. They do not suffer delusions of grandeur.

Reid is not different, Anonymous. As a matter of fact, he is so common as to be cliché, so uncolorful a character as to be mundane. The investigation into Reid’s past stemmed from inconsistencies in his own claims. While Anonymous may find this all very boring others might find these facts to be even more interesting than circles in the Atlantic at 2 knots of boat speed. Anonymous sounds like someone’s mommy, “don’t worry, dear, they are all just jealous”. I assure you, none of the people researching Reid’s past and lies (or exaggerations if you prefer) is remotely jealous. The purpose of finding the facts through Reid’s lies is a character study. So far, I have seen nothing to envy. No one has capitalized off of Reid except Reid and his following, there is no vendetta, and there is no hate. There is plenty disappointment and more than a little disgust. I will not trust him because his actions do not inspire trust. His character does not warrant blind faith.

Anonymous does not think they will make their goal, yet is ready to cheer and laugh at the effort. So what is it Anonymous, a joke or an inspiration? Are you simply so confused or ignorant that you have joined Reid in grasping at straws to justify proceeding into the Southern Ocean? The boat is cracked and leaking, threatening the structural integrity of the hull and allowing in saltwater that will corrode hose clamps, electrical wiring and connections and basically any and everything metal including the very framework of the hull. He left safe harbor with diesel tanks that are leaking and degrading the hoses in the bilge below the water line. When the hoses start splitting there will be hell to pay, I wonder if he has spare hose and plugs. He has filled a boat that has a carved wood interior and leaks with charcoal creating fire hazards, he has paint and possibly varnish, teak oil and some mineral spirits or acetone and the like aboard. Let us all hope he at the very least has also filled his boat with fire extinguishing systems. His sails are degrading and in dire need of constant repair, they will likely blow out in tatters in significant weather. He has a damaged engine with no spare parts. He has a damaged bowsprit (either from failure or collision, neither of which bode well for him in the seamanship department) which limits the ability to make headway in rough seas. The boat has a foul bottom (not cleaned or inspected for 5 years) which again limits the ability to make headway and also threatens the integrity of the hull. AND nearly all of these problems existed BEFORE he left harbor. You tell me, is this folly or farce? Then we can go back to laughing along with Anonymous.

Joining in a fool’s mission does not make a woman brave. Blind trust in someone else’s ability does not make a woman adventurous.

According to Anonymous we should all have a shot of tequila and laugh at the tired old cliché of an egomaniac floating the oceans accompanied by a woman half his age. I guess that goes for your young readers as well since you, Editor, felt the recommendation deserved the front page. I’d rather be able to read this blog and learn something I didn’t know, share knowledge when I can and laugh at the absurdity where I find it, yet i, who sign in with my real name and email address, have been categorically banned from making further comment to your blog. What is really sad is this could truly have been something worthwhile, spirituality and sprouts aside. It was presented as such, but falls sadly short at every turn. So now the only thing worthwhile is to try to attempt to talk them in so that no one has to risk their lives to save them and to enjoy the parody of the other blog. If the parody cuts too close for you all you might ask why. Why do you applaud Anonymous’ laughing while condemning others for doing the same? Are you all angry because your adventurer has been proven false? Why is Reid and his editors withholding information, refusing to answer even the most basic of questions and feeding you misinformation, and do you even know the difference? Would you rather go the “ignorance is bliss” method of sailing or learn the “prepare for the worst and hope for the best” method? It should be easy enough for the more intelligent reader to distinguish the difference, the former is for those interested in gods and prayers for spare parts, the latter for is everyone else.



w42 said...

quite eloquent

alice said...

Beautifully said, Elle. I hope the person in charge at 1000days reads this and at least prints parts of it because you (again) bring up some very important issues. Sadly, safety was never a concern of Reid's. And your thoughts about fire extinguishers...I'll bet they don't have any because they cost money! Fire extinguishers supposedly have a life of 3 to 15 years, but I work for a race car club (safety crew) and we replace/refill them annually, even if they weren't used. Would never trust one to last 5 years let alone 15. And there are three types of fires: combustibles (wood, paper, textiles), flammables (liquids, gas, oils, paints, etc.) and electricals (wiring etc.). What kind of fire would bondo be (besides incredible toxic, I would imagine)?
They certainly don't have wet and chemical ones on board and I doubt either of them has been trained to use one. No, they are not prepared, they are a disaster in the making.
Maybe Soyana will come to her senses before they get too far south, but I doubt it.

fred said...

I bet they do have fire extinguishers - just like they had all the other safety you a-holes accused them of not hanving.

But keep it up, you just like like bigger jerks, and the sailing community for the idiot true believers you are.

MaxHeadroom said...

Fred, Fred, Fred -

Put down the Hovian Kool Aid and listen to some facts dude -

Elle (along with many, many others from SA) have extensive offshore and ocean crossing experience (FWIW: personally, 25K miles and 3 crossings in the past 6 years.) We speak from that experience

What you fail to realize is that the issues we have been bringing up, on SA, this blog and when we can, on the 1000daysatsea blog are real issues.

Critical for safety and survival.

You may want to think this is some romantic slightly trippy sailing heart shaped lines in the mid Atlantic for 1000 days, but when, not if, but when the cheese scow starts to sink others will have to put there lives on the line to save his sorry ass

You can be the biggest cheerleader the Hovians can bring to the party, but when the Cheese Scow sinks and if people die, and the artsy fartsy SoHo crowd wonders what happened, don't say there was not a warning.

Worthless Hovian Tools -

I challenge you to write up something that refutes the various safety issues we talk about - Life Raft, EPIRB and proper ditch bag.
Show us the receipts - If the shit was donated, you would have given the donor a tax receipt - Post the extent of the safety prep.

Send it to: 1000daysofhell@gmail.com

We will post any and all proof you can provide - I want to believe that Weid has taken the proper safety gear with - I don't trust your word or the word of any Hovian Tool - As the gipper use to say - Trust but Verify

ocean_isle said...


The interest in Reid, and the speculation, is remarkable. Your site is funny and I've enjoyed it. It’s generally very clever and much of it is dead on. The parodies are great and I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with next. But the “important issues” are a bit over the top – “important issues”? Seriously?

Regardless of what camp you fall into, I think that people have lost sight of the fact that it’s a fantastic story. Yeah, it’s crazy, and he’s not like us.

Lots of people do dangerous and crazy stuff. What he's doing seems reckless by the Anarchy crowd (ironic, huh?), but whether Reid frames it this way or not, this is his version of Extreme Sailing - Reid's X-Games. Since he’s a product of the 60s, not the 90s, he’s more bohemian than radical and edgy. He's in a homemade schooner he built with volunteer labor, for crying out loud!

As a self-professed explorer on an (arguably) great adventure with a shoestring budget, there have to be MacGyver maneuvers, there have to be risks, there is going to be danger. He's not a millionaire adventurer like Steve Fossett with every state-of-the-art technology money can buy to keep him safe.
Oh, yeah.....

If Reid wants to believe he's helping NASA, then, whatever. He’s a self-promoter and an egomaniac. Maybe he’s out of touch, but he’s never intended to scam anyone. No one can deny that he and Soanya are doing something no one else has done and they are pushing the envelope of endurance. It may be because no one else would want to do this, and it may be a fool’s mission. Given his limited resources, he's being as methodical and careful as he can. I honestly believe he’s having the time of his life.

He's easy to make fun of, he's larger than life (especially if you ask him). He is many things which make for great parody, but he's not a liar. That premise is a bit sensationalized - and it's unnecessary! There's plenty of real material about the 1000 days without creating scandals that aren't there. (again, is he running for office? what's up with the "scandals"?)

It’s fairly easy to make points of clarification about his past and all the "lies". Your scandals are not really very scandalous. For example, the original mast came from NC pine. He replaced that mast a long time ago... I'm not sure, but I think the mast may even have been replaced twice. Is it that shocking that he upgraded from a pine mast? The stories of multiple masts don't make for a lie. Also, I'm not sure about his child support arrangements with his ex wife, but his "child" graduated from Law School near the top of the class several years ago and is doing quite well.

Everyone needs to settle down and content themselves with being Monday morning quarterbacks about the 1000 days trip. Ultimately, that's all we are.

Reid's cousin

Regatta Dog said...

Thanks for the insights, cousin, and for having a sense of humor as well.

You seem to know Reid pretty well. What do you think his reaction to this site and Sailing Anarchy would be (or are if he's been informed)?

I'd love to see if you could get him to take a quick look and comment.


Luna said...

Elle - great response! Very well reasoned and elle-quently put!

Cousin - Reid is telling lies - you can candy coat it any way you want - his "belief in a NASA affiliation" and so on but he's using these intentionally false statements (does that expression sit better than lie?) to raise funds for his trip.

The boat they're sailing around the world in (the hard way) would not pass a Coast Guard inspection. I just put that out as a minimum standard. Further, the boat is too big and rigged in too old fashioned a manner be sailed singlehanded in the Roaring Forties. I think to a large degree people are speaking out against Reid, his boat, his trip and his lies to make someone who has influence with him make him change his plans. Many of those raising concerns and asking hard questions are experienced sailors. None of us would be in such a fuss if he just continued doing donuts (kidneys, hearts, livers, whatever) in the mid Atlantic.

elle said...

to reid's cousin,

safety at sea is an important issue and can hardly be considered by ANYONE over the top. it is a necessary part of planning for even a short voyage in open water. that reid makes light of it and refuses to answer questions regarding the steps he has taken (or not taken) makes one question his competence and supposed desire to “educate” people with regards to offshore sailing.

this is not a fantastic story. it could be, but as i said, it has fallen short at every turn. even his worms are not interesting. his course is not interesting. his boat is not interesting. his verbal vomit on mysticism, gods, and prayer is not interesting. soanya’s childish oooh’s and aahhh’s are not interesting. the voyage is not what is crazy, it is reid himself who is crazy. no, he is not like us, we are not like each other. there are so many people from so many walks of life here that it is mind boggling. one point you and your cousin’s following refuse to acknowledge is that not everyone here is a fat, rich, white dude with an expensive yacht, though some may be. reid being different is not what people have a problem with. it’s his egomaniacal, self important, for the good of mankind bullshit that i have a problem with. i have a friend who’s greatest dream in life is to build his own houseboat and go up and down the mississippi river with his 18 dogs and the woman he can talk into doing it with him. he is an artist, calls himself the angel t’aa and can point out the star he claims to have come from. he is a mystic and believes he has had several lives, one in which he was a belgian woman in the congo. he lives in a tent in the woods with his 18 dogs. how is he different from reid? he isn’t on the internet telling the world he is doing it for mankind. my brother is in the army national guards now. While in the army he was stationed in germany and also south korea too close to north korea for comfort. he was in iraq, he lead his company without a single loss of life, now that my friend is an accomplishment. he has shaken the hands of a pope and a president. he has spent his entire adult life in the service of his country and his fellow citizens. there is not a person in this world i respect more. i have a friend who literally swam to the united states from cuba. she will never see her father alive again. I know a guy who lost an arm in viet nam. he has a big steele boat and he single handedly (literally) pulled people out of the water during the muriel boatlift. he has an awesome collection of photos from hurricane katrina, which he road out in his boat. these, my friend, are fantastic stories. reid pales in comparison.

once again, it is not the element of danger that is an issue, it’s the X-treme stupidity of scamming for ten years only to leave in a leaking tub. obviously people do dangerous things and when they do it with the utmost stupidity, the pay the ultimate price for a darwin award. sure every piece of safety equipment won’t save your ass every time, BUT not to bother and not to share the info of what you have done is a disservice to his readers and anyone he is encouraging to follow in his footsteps.

are you fucking kidding me? i should not mind him dragging NASA into his fantasy world? NASA belongs to the people of the United States. they have a hard enough time with failed projects and exploding shuttles without your dipshit cousin telling people NASA is in on his little self promotional ego driven cruise to nowhere as slow as he can go. i do not doubt that he is having the time of HIS life. he is NOT, however, having the time of mine and he would do well to keep that in mind. reid has claimed association to THE NATIONAL AERONAUTICS AND SPACE ADMINISTRATION. if not true, then a lie and that would make him a liar. maybe not important to reid, you or amberd, but it sure as hell is important to me if this government agency funded by tax payer money has spent a thin dime on reid’s voyage of self service.

scandals is laughable. it’s just a bunch of info that is more interesting than the story of the circles in the atlantic. you want to tell me reid isn’t a liar, then go get a statement from Maersk admitting they had a collision at sea with the schooner anne.

if you have any contact with reid whatsoever, tell him from me that his comparison between his bullshit cheese cruise and my friends and family in the military deserves a resounding “go fuck yourself in that ass with your king’s forest fir mast, you sorry piece of shit.”

have a great day,

Brian Onebay said...

Dear Elle,

Sure Reid is a bit crazed and he may well not be perfectly prepared for the inevitable or unknown and there are many "should haves" but he has gone forward with his dream.

At any time, at any moment say when you are driving and you suddenly see a oncoming vehicle in your lane and you see that flash of your life before your eyes, was there anything there that lets you meet the next moment without remorse ?

Are you living your dream ? Living the mundane feels all so safe yet you can be wacked at any time, too.

Life is full of possibilities and outcomes and risks and rewards.

When is the last timed you engaged risk ? When is the last time you engaged life ?

Brian Butler

John said...

Elle, I hate to say it but you come across as a sad angry little person. If Reid is truly doing something reckless or dangerous which I would tend to say he probably is. Just let it go and someday when you read in the paper about his boat going down you can say I knew it all along. Ha
But if by some chance he makes the 1000days your really going to look like an ass. But of course you'll claim he cheated, got help, etc. Right?

MaxHeadroom said...

Brian & John

You really don't get it, do you??? I mean you really seem to be missing the point of this blog and the SA postings

Reid & his sycophant cult wanna be's are scamming people. They are using there paypal account to rip off folks that don't have a clue and get off on his and Sayonara's moon beams and fairy dust adventure bullshit.

Many of us on this blog and on Sailing Anarchy have thousands of miles of offshore experience. In well funded, seaworthy boats.

We are simply calling bullshit on him and the rest of the Reid Hovian cult followers.

Both of you may realize he is a scam. I am giving you the benefit of the doubt that you are not a Hovian tool.

Others that fall for this line of bullshit may think this is something worthy or something that should be emulated.

SO they go off and endanger themselves and most likely the SAR folks that will be called on and will willingly put there lives on the line to save fools in distress.

IF there was some way for tools such as this to be marked as "Do Not Rescue", then I would be fine to see them off and not worry that others will be put in harms way.

Unfortunately, we are a long way from being able to do that, even though they should be taken out of the gene pool in there Darwinian experiment to Mars and beyond.

Given Weids amazing gift of total bullshit in his blog postings, many of us take a morbid fascination in watching this train wreck.

Besides, our boats are out of the water and we are stuck with 4-5 months of bad sailing in some parts of the country.

We need something to occupy ourselves with on the long nights and short days of the winter months.

elle said...

brian and john,
the stupidity of you people is truly amazing. as i have said time and again, i care not a whit if reid goes out fulfilling his dreams, more power to him. but dragging an ignorant young woman along is irresponsible if not downright homicidal. begging money under false pretenses is immoral if not out and out theft. it is a shame that soanya may go down with the ship and i will, no shit, morn their loss if the ship should go down. i will even morn the failure of the endeavour should they not succeed in their goal. i guess it's all tomato or tomahto, to some it is already a success to some a failure despite whether or not they make 1000 days.
i am both sad and angry. sad that soanya is at risk because i doubt that she made an informed decision when electing to join reid on this voyage, could be wrong, it's just an opinion which i have every right to have and to post. i am sad that good, sound information is not allowed to be posted on their blog so that people who have no idea what sailing is all about can form a more realistic view of what it's all about than the rainbows and hearts presented by r&s. and angry for many of the same reasons most of which have been posted here and in the sa thread. i have no fear of "looking like an ass". i am not an ass and everything i have posted comes from experience and knowledge. when i don't know something i readily ask questions and when wrong just as readily admit so. do you fear "looking like an ass" if they die? you're (both of you) accusations are unfounded and you are both too stupid, apparently, to realize how hypocritical you are. too bad. my life rarely "flashes before my eyes" and when it does so, i have no regrets. life is life (which i actively engage in daily til my death, dumbass), death is death. we'll all be there one day. i'll try not to take you guys along when my time comes. it is too bad reid's choices have make it quite possible that he will take others along when his time comes.

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