Saturday, November 3, 2007

Reid Crosses the Line

On November 3rd, Reid Stow published a blog entry on his 1000Days at Sea website comparing his Cheese Ocean Fantasy to the hard work that soldiers from countries all over the world are doing in Iraq and Afghanistan. Whether you agree with the politics of the mission in the Middle East, we are all united in support of the troops abroad, and cognizant of the very real danger they face every day. Many of us are outraged at the fact Stowe could possibly draw comparisons between what he is doing, and the risks and dangers faced by our soldiers abroad. I am not alone in having family who have and will serve overseas. Below are my thoughts about Stowe’s comparisons to the brave men and women selflessly putting themselves in danger at the request of their country, with the hope and belief that they are creating a better world for those in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Weed Fucking Stowehurst, are you out of you damn mind? (Rhetorical question, answer is obvious)I come from a military family. My mother and both uncles served, and continue to serve in the Canadian Forces. My three male cousins are all enlisted, and one has done 2 tours in Talibanistan, with another to come next year. I have spent over a year volunteering with elderly veterans at the local veteran’s hospital; men who are full of courage, yet so modest about how they have contributed to their country and world. These men touched my life and shared their harrowing stories of serving in the WWII and the Korean War with me. They crossed the Atlantic many, many times, with the knowledge that it was only luck that prevented a torpedo from penetrating the hull of the vessel they sailed in, aimed for the propeller shaft they stood next to. Some of them were captured and spent time as prisoners of war. I know one man who was within minutes of his death at the hands of the Hitler Youth, only to have his life spared by a German military officer at the last moment. That is courage. This post PISSES ME OFF!

Everything from following orders, to the rifle range practice, to training with the Air Force Scuba club in the Philippines gave me the knowledge, skills, and confidence that I have used throughout my life.

Really Weed? I didn't realized they taught lying, scamming, freeloading, womanizing, drug running, avoiding responsibility, laziness, deception, and fucking sprout growing in the Military.

Our voyage may seem to be a fantasy dream come true, but it also has elements similar to military duty. The sea is a dangerous place to be and no one on any boat is totally secure.

Oh really Weed? As dangerous as Iraq or Afghanistan? I didn't know that.Funny, in all the time I've spent sailing I've never sailed over an IED. I've never picked up pieces of my best friends body. I've never been shot at. I've never been subjected to incoming artillery. No one in the crew ever detonated an explosive device attached to their body. I've never gone days without being able to sleep. I've never been hit by shrapnel. I've never had to sleep with a gun beside me. I've never been woken up by alarms announcing incoming fire. My family has never sat at home, anxious and scared because they haven't heard from me while I'm away at a regatta, and they certainly have never spent months full of anxiety wondering if they would ever see me again. I can clearly see how your voyage is just like military duty.

We are continually faced with challenges and we have to come up with creative solutions immediately. We overcome our problems.

Last time I checked Capt'n Crunch, all of your problems to date are a direct result of your own poor ass preparation. You haven't faced any serious weather at all. Last time I checked, there was no one ORDERING you to go to sea to drift aimlessly until you sink.

Imagine the logistics necessary to have everything you need for 1000
Days in a dangerous, high performance environment!

You call it logistics, I call it begging and scamming. High performance environment? You can talk about high performance when you break 6 knots (yes, I’m being generous in my definition of high performance). There is NOTHING high performance about what you are doing. Just STUPID!

The list of skills is also long. Responsibility, commitment, honor, presence, courage, selflessness, patience, clarity, strength, agility, and keeping your head when things get out of control are words that apply to your situation and ours.

Honor Weed? There is no honor to what you do. Courage? No courage, just stupidity and ignorance. Selflessness? Laughable!! No one but YOU benefits from what you are doing (unless you count the ample fodder for parody and resulting entertainment). How many schools have you built Weed? Can little girls get an education now because of what you do? How many roads and bridges have you built? How many lives have you saved? Responsibility? You have done nothing your whole LIFE other than run from responsibility! Keeping your head when things get out of control? Talk to us when things finally get out of control Weed, and we'll see how you and the Devoid Ho are making out then.

When you are finished with your calling and we are finished with ours and you want to go sailing, contact me and I will try to give you advice and help.

God help me! Weed, you are the last person on earth any SANE person would consult about sailing!!!! Don't you think so damn highly of yourself!

We encourage you to share your thoughts on Stowe's comparisons by emailing us or commenting on this entry, or share them with Stowe directly by posting here.

This post is dedicated to my wonderfully brave, strong, responsible, honorable, selfless cousin, who will be doing tour 3 in 2008. Come home safe, Dave. I love you lots.


Luna said...

Thank you NautiGirl for clarifying what a fool this man is and why he is so clearly unworthy of any praise or encouragement. I can only hope that the followers of "mission improbable" take the opportunity to read your genuine and heartfelt response to Reid's appalling analogy. We certainly know that you would never be allowed to say such truthful things on Reid's blog.

You have also shared personal information in your post and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, your family and especially Dave for their brave contributions to the safety and security of our country and to the continuing effort of achieving peace in Afghanistan. Dave - be safe.

Regatta Dog said...

NG - Ditto Luna and thanks so much for such a truly compelling response to that megalomaniac who's casually cruising along on his 70 foot yacht with his young lover. I couldn't have expressed my own sentiments as well as you have.

I'm certain that when Stowe's well wishers read your post, they will redirect their thoughts and prayers from this cretin to the men and women in harms way in the Middle East and elsewhere in the world.

Thanks NG for your post and, thank you Dave. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Aloha27 said...

Nauti- Very eloquently put. Just about the time Weid says what I think is the stupidest statement I've ever heard... HE KEEPS TALKING!

To the men and women of the armed forces, stay safe... and Thank You!

Rick said...

Thanks to NautiGirl for the opportunity to respond to Reids outrageous and insensitive self comparison with those serving or having served in the armed forces. I'm from a Military family and I served almost 9 years in the USAF (SAC). As far as public service is concerned the local Cub Scout Pack does more to make the world a better place in 15 minutes than Reid the clown ever has or ever will. So sorry for the folks he has scammed. A hearty thank you goes out to those of you in Uniform and to your families. I know that I owe my freedom and liberty to your sacrifice. Thank God for you! To my fellow Veterans God bless you! God bless all of you.

MorningOatsTest said...

God, get a life. Reid sucks, you suck, why don't you do something productive instead of blathering stupidity all over the web?

You look like just as big an idiot as he is. He's wasting 1000 days on a "space odyssey" and you will waste 1000 days commenting on how stupid it is.

Idiocy breeds idiocy I guess...

Sailboatgoat said...

MorningOatsTest said...
"God, get a life. Reid sucks, you suck, why don't you do something productive instead of blathering stupidity all over the web?"

Sure let the meglomaniac lying bastard off the hook. This comment section is in response to Reids disrespectful comparison of himself, a possibly draft dodging hippy who offers nothing to humanity and our selfless men and women in uniform striving to make this world a better place for all.

Foating about the ocean like a turd on donated food and equipment and getting free press while basking in his own delusions of greatness makes many people sick.

MorningOatsTest, what's your intrest in this? I hope Reid did't make you a victim when you sent him your donation. He has a history of lying and a documented disreguard for the law.


MorningOatsTest said...

No, I would have never spent a penny on Reid's journey. I didn't even know he existed until he left, as I saw an article online. I'm just another sailor in life.

Btw, I work for the U.S. Army, and instead of complaining about what someone said (words) that might be offensive to the military (or might not) perhaps you should just ignore his stupidity.

Again, let Reid off the hook for what? He's only responsible for himself and one other, who is a mature adult and able to make her own decisions.

If they die at sea because they are ill prepared, then it's 2 less humans on this planet. Do you really care about 2 strangers so much that you will show your love by creating a stupid blog to satire their passage?

Pot, Kettle, Black. Again, get a life (after you have a look in the mirror).

MorningOatsTest said...

"Foating about the ocean like a turd on donated food and equipment and getting free press while basking in his own delusions of greatness makes many people sick."

Oh, and btw, this reeks of jealousy.

Again, if stupid people want to donate their own money to a stupid cause, who cares? Money has certainly gone to more stupid things in life.

You smell of insecurity and jealousy. Half of my family is military and served abroad, and if words on a screen were going to offend us none of us would have our sanity left.

Again, Reid sucks, and so do people who spend their time blogging about how he sucks.

So in order to practice what I preach, I'm done here. I've wasted enough time trying to make a point to people who aren't going to get it anyhow.

mildlyamused said...

morningoatstest -

hey, lighten up - the site & the satire are mainly for fun, nobody is wasting their life here (unlike the intrepid subjects of the joke with their project)

And it gives some folks a chance to vent a bit at some of Reid's more outrageous claims. That's fair. His military reference is pretty sickening, no?

so it serves a purpose in moderation - gave you something to do, for example. Come on, you feel better now, doncha?

Hazybeer said...

I have been following this voyage from the beginning. At first I thought that some useful information would come from it. Now that it is months in, I see it as no more than a grueling marathon of one MAN’S quest for fame (and if he makes it most likely fortune). And yes, the latest post comparing his quest to that of our service people is unbelievable.

I feel bad for Soanya. At 24 and having never been out at sea, and probably having never been in any type of long term relationship, I feel she will collapse mentally and physically. Reid should have been more responsible, and not have lured or encouraged a “girl” to become part of his selfish vision. What a wad of sh*t.

Sailboatgoat said...

"You smell of insecurity and jealousy. Half of my family is military and served abroad, and if words on a screen were going to offend us none of us would have our sanity left".

Me? No Way! Can't fit enough Beer and Pizza on that deathtrap to get me to even take it on a 2 hour cruise! I served my country in the military for 2 enlistments starting in the eighties and ending in the ninties. You, having not served yourself may be excused then for not feeling strongly about how his statements dishonors those in the military (past or present). You can't possably know. Don't let him off the hook for the outragious shit that comes out of his mouth.

"Pot, Kettle, Black. Again, get a life (after you have a look in the mirror)".

I have a very nice comfortable life with a very good career as a public servant and I have more than enough time to enjoy identfying frauds! How Reid and I can be confused as the kettle and the pot is a mystery to me. We both "sail". Difference is I work for a paycheck and retirement, Pay taxes, served in the military and don't beg and tell lies so I can sail the world.

Trade places with Reid? No thanks I have worked too hard and too long to get where I am for that!1000 days at sea, no port of call = boring.


NautiGirl said...

Jealous? Hahaha.

I took the entire summer off to sail and race. It was more than enough thanks, and as wonderfully comfortable as the boat is (3 queen sized beds, large flat screen TV with sat TV and sat radio, DVD player, microwave, 2 heads, both with showers, lots of natural light--my APARTMENT doesn't have some of this stuff!) the feeling of falling asleep in my own bed after a week or so away is incredible.

Jealous of bobbing around the ocean, with nothing to see but sunrises, sunsets and fish? I don't think so. His voyage sounds absolutely nothing but BORING.

But most of all, it is a fraud. He has gone to great lengths to convince sponsors and the general public that this voyage has some sort of merit; that it is somehow contributing to mankind. It's been shown over and over again that this is not the case. And to have this fraud compare what he is doing to the very positive and dangerous work that our soldiers are doing overseas is disgusting.

None of us has any desire to spend 1000 days putting ourselves at risk, chasing our tails to maintain a neglected boat which isn't seaworthy for the voyage he's undertaken (assuming he has in fact--that is VERY debateable).
We are however, interested in exposing him for what he is (in our spare time--this is hardly an obsession for us).

And let me point out, that we feel so strongly that we are correct in our position, and prepared to defend it, that YOU are not only allowed to post uncensored on our blog, but also have your concerns and questions, and yes, even attacks, addressed. We can't say the same for 1000 Days at Sea.

MorningOatsTest said...

Ok, well I have to agree after reading all the comments I promised not to return to read.

Reid is a dipwit...but I knew that from the beginning. I find it mostly appalling that he is able to convince a young female of any stature to bang his shrivelled bag of bones and skin for 1000 days at sea.

I know from spending many many years sailing myself, that 1000 days with no port of call would be absolutely lame.

You all brought up some good points. Thanks. I thought some of you were taking this a bit serious, is all. Esp those who were supposedly trying to catch up with Reid at 'sea'. (Unless that too was a joke).

He censors his blog? I haven't read it enough to know that. Well...guess he doesn't like bad PR. He's retarded. Well there must be bigger idiots out there than him, if they gave him money. The whole "Mars Ocean Oddyzesysysy" (or however you spell it) was always just bizarre to me.

I'm not sure the blog will do anything other than let people vent about his idiocy.

Oh well.

LeLu said...

As the wife of a US Navy Sailor who served aboard 2 submarines (not to mention the years of training beforehand), with long term deployments and actual time in a war, I cringe when I see anyone who is on an ill-fated pleasure cruise for attention draw comparisons between himself and members of our military, no matter which branch they serve. We're still a military family, and he's still serving in the Navy. We lived apart for two years while I was pregnant with our youngest, and for the first 6 months of her life. Military members make SACRIFICES. My husband grew up on the Outerbanks of NC. He's a water baby through and through, and an amazing sailor, both professionally and for pleasure. But he knows the difference between risk and responsibility. He knows what's dangerous.

The simple fact that they did not haul the boat and scrape and repaint was enough for me not to take R and S seriously, and I am painfully new to sailing. Especially knowing they were donated many gallons of paint for such a task.

I originally started reading Reid's blog the day after they "set sail". I had high hopes, because we bought a sailboat (Dickerson Ketch) for $1 at an auction, and admittedly, it needs a lot of work. Tens of thousands of dollars worth of work. We're in our late 20's, we know someday we'll retire on it. Would we like to slap it together and get out on the water? You bet. But we would be a danger to ourselves and to other people if we did that. We would no more mooch off people to live out our dream than we would stand at the corner panhandling for cash for beer and pizza money.

I can't read 1000 Days at Sea anymore without throwing up in my mouth a little. I could care less if he's a dirty little hippie. I have a deep affinity for dirty hippies. But this man is a con-artist through and through, and his ego-centric beliefs that he's doing any good is too much for me to stomach.

I've never been on a boat in the ocean. I was raised in Nebraska. I think it would be crazy dangerous for me to hop on a boat with the little experience I have, with rivers and lakes. Not only a danger to myself, but to my husband. I need the training. I need the experience before I could trust myself and my abilities. Before I could trust that I could save my Husband's life by sailing the boat if I needed to.

Reid is a danger. To himself and to his cute Chicky. To any boat that is in his (slower than slow) path. And also to the people who read his blog thinking that they too can sail the world woefully ill-prepared. Just like I think people that put up recipes to make meth and bombs on the Internet are irresponsible, so are Reid and Soanya.

I hope they are safe.

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